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Sparkwave Technologies


Our team of professionals provide efficient cloud computing services. We can integrate, deploy, and optimize your applications on AWS, Azure, and Google using DevOps and Migration. We’ll work with you to define the right solution for your business requirements and get to value faster. Also, we can help you to move workloads from a source environment to a target environment with no modifications or refactoring.



DevOps service will update your IT processes and improve your business's ability to compete in the digital era. Our team of professionals observes your IT operations from all sides to present a DevOps solution that fits your business requirements, and then implement it. Also, we provide Better Collaboration, Higher Software Quality and Delivery Rate.

software inventory ICT

Software Inventory(ICT)

We provide a cloud-based software inventory system that enables you to access all your data anywhere. Also, we can provide an ability to evaluate your operations as per your requirement. You can enable this system in your company without a huge investment.


Migration (Lift & Shift)

Migration (Lift & Shift) Service will provide you an opportunity to migrate your apps into the cloud. We can move your application's associated data without redesigning the app. We provide end-to-end security services across the migration journey, including security design and architecture, migration advisory and security assurance.

On premises


During an on-premises to cloud migration, we provide both offline and online approaches for moving data and applications. Through these approaches you can transfer your data and applications from a local on-premises data center to the public cloud.