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ERP Solutions

The ERP Solutions can be very helpful to increase organizational efficiency by managing and improving company resources that are utilized. Following are the ERP Solutions that we offer:

Spark ERP

ERP is an Enterprise Resource Planning system that help businesses to manage and track their day-to-day activities. Spark ERP puts an end to the hustle of maintaining accounts, finance, project management, supply chain, manufacturing and much more individually.

ERP Finance

Spark Finance

Spark Finance is designed for creating, connecting, storing, and reporting many different types of finance transactions. It includes the tools and processes that manage and control income, expenses and assets.

School ERP

Spark Schools

Let’s automate everything and get rid of the manual task management system. As we evolve so does our requirements. Spark Schools enables you in managing your school efficiently and effectively.

Garments ERP

Spark Garments

Spark Garments is a system that is based on managing the order and sell the garment items online.

Food Management

Spark Food Management

Spark Food Management is a system that is used to control food safety hazards within a food business to ensure that food is safe to eat.

erp solutions

Spark Job Placement

Deciding a career path can be a bit challenging especially when there is no one around to guide you in the right direction. But Spark Job Placement puts an end to this issue. This system is particularly designed in a manner that helps you in opting for a job that is best suited for you.


Spark HRMS

Spark Human Resource Management System (HRMS) is used to manage the human resource departments within a company. Moreover, this system is used to handle all the job-related functions like Job descriptions, reviews and recruitments. The administrator is the main user of this system and he/she can add, edit and search employee details, vacancy details, HR details, etc.


Spark Inventory

Spark Inventory is an amazing system that keeps track of the sales, orders, inventory levels as well as deliveries.

Hospitality ERP

Spark Hospitality

Spark Hospitality is an integrated information system for managing all aspects of a hospital's operations such as medical, financial, administrative, legal, and compliance.


Spark Exams

Spark Exams system is a simplified way for examination activities. This system is used to conduct exams using the computer or mobile devices in a paperless manner.


Spark Tracking

This is a system that can provide Real-Time access of your field staffs. Some of the main features are: