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Grubtech cloud kitchen

Grubtech provides the top-tier technology, data, and food tech talent under one roof to bring restaurants and cloud kitchen into the future of foodservice. Cloud kitchen offer users the freedom to focus on food preparation, product marketing, minimize the administrative hassle and logistics that often burden food businesses. You can see everything instantly and receive all orders automatically through Cloud kitchens.

Grabtech cloud kitchen

gOnline is a native integration solution allows you to fully integrate with all digital ordering channels. It is compatible with Marketplace and Core models of all food delivery applications.

Say goodbye to punching manual orders, hassles on the tablet and in the kitchen.

Key Features:

  1. Food aggregator integration with kitchen display systems
  2. Arrival of online orders in one place
  3. Multi-brand menu management functionality
  4. 3rd party logistics integration
  5. 86ing capability for menu items, ingredients, and modifiers
  6. Bulk items viewing - Recipe assistance
  7. Driver ETA information
  8. Multi-brand/multi-location reporting
  9. All-in-one data & analytics - Multi-user access

gPOS is an easy-to-use multi-menu compatible system which allows you to manage and punch-in your orders. It is fully integrated with online ordering and offers multiple payment methods (Online, cash, credit cards).

Key Features:

  1. Multi-brand compatibility - Offline-mode capability
  2. Multi-user access
  3. Coupon management
  4. Table management
  5. Shift management
  6. Split-bill functionality
  7. Waiter performance reporting

gerve is a cutting-edge solution for your handheld tablet, capable of taking mobile orders for dine-in, curb-side and food truck orders.

Key Features:

  1. Runs on any tablet of your choice
  2. Easily downloadable and seamless set-up process
  3. Capable of serving restaurants with various serving options
  4. (Indoor, outdoor, curbside, takeaway, food truck)

ciao is a fully integrated in-dining solution built to receive orders and payments from diners via a QR Code placed at the tables.

Key Features:

  1. QR code menu(s)
  2. Mobile payment capability
  3. Bill-splitting functionality - Reduction in labor cost
  4. Improved service and guest experiences
  5. Higher table turnaround time for maximum profitability
cloud kitchen dashboard
cloud kitchen dashboard
Grabtech Dashboard

gOps is a user-friendly operations support portal; enabling the management of the end-to-end order lifecycle across multiple brands and locations.

Key Features:

  1. A single central platform for multi-brand operations
  2. A single dashboard for all kitchens and brands
  3. Real-time tracking of all live orders
  4. Transparency of food preparation time and readiness for all staff

A comprehensive dashboard capable of reporting functionality. This platform visualizes data pulled from various sources to provide you with near real-time visibility over commercial and operational indicators.

Key Features:

  1. Sales Report
  2. Locations Report
  3. Recipe Report
  4. Modifier Report
  5. Delivery Report
  6. Cancelled Orders report
  7. Items Availability Report
  8. Customer Report
  9. Inventory Report

gfleet is a seamless management system designed purposefully for F&B operators to manage their in-house riders.

Key Features:

  1. Track and manage your in-house riders
  2. Convey order and location info automatically to your riders
  3. Safety and compliance features (driver scorecards)

gstock is a comprehensive solution that allows you to have full control over your inventory, as well as supplier management and control.



Key Features:

  1. Preferred supplier management
  2. Purchase and consumption units’ management
  3. Auto-depletion of items based on consumption
  4. Management of stock-on-hand and waste
  5. Setting up minimum levels for items
  6. Notification on expiry and out-of-stock for all items