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How Branding Can Make or Break a Brand?

Importance of Brand Identity?

By now, we all understand what a brand identity is and why it is so important. But do we, really? Because a lot of up and running businesses do not seem. To understand the importance of continuous branding and then later, are usually found complaining.That their recent brand growth graph happens to be a downward curve for no apparent reason.

By definition, the purpose of branding is to make your product stand out from the rest. It appeal to a potential consumer. Such that they pick out this one specific product for personal utility over the others. Whether it be a first timer for ‘testing out this new product’ or a returning customer. The branding needs to be almost as good as the quality of the product itself, if not better.

Most new brands and oftentimes running businesses suffer a decline in sales due to the lack of production specific and audience targeted branding. Creating a brand identity is not enough. One needs to make sure it is more focused on the product or service. That they are trying to sell and who they are aiming to sell it to. 

The need to know your consumer and also custom-tailor your product branding to their desires is highly important. In cases of perfect branding, even when the product is not exactly what a specific target audience in question needs. They would still want to try it out. 


This is the magic of branding.

Often, businesses and individual business owners fail to brand their merchandise well, and even if it is extraordinary. The response on the production is often unflattering. Unflattering because however great the product outcome is. No one would want it until they have seen some flashy advertisement and heard a catchy slogan. That makes them gasp and want to try the thing out.

Not to downplay the role of marketing in increasing revenue with a product but what is good marketing on a product. That has a super dull brand identity? The most important step that comes before marketing is branding.

 To ace marketing, one has to make sure their brand identity is on point first.

It is very important, specifically with an audience as tough as today, to establish a brand identity with a completely clean record and no notoriety of any form whatsoever. This is highly significant when establishing a new business. 

Most small businesses die when they are still small due to infamy or due to a disparity in the functional hierarchy. It is therefore, important to protect one’s image as well as business. Such that no unethical business practices are going on. Else the branding and marketing is usually likely to work in the opposite direction of the initial intention.

One of the most important initial steps in developing a successful brand identity is designing the logo.

The logo has to be on point.

One has to get a logo designed that is on point, not too distracting. But also at the same time possesses the ability to capture and keep the attention of the onlooker as well as possess a professional look and feel to it. So as to not evoke ridicule in the corporate world.

Brand Identity

It is important that your brand tells a story. 

The audience loves to hear a good story, so if your brand is doing that, you already have half their attention. Now, to keep their attention one needs to make sure. That first of all the product fulfils all the quality standards in terms of having a good marginal utility in that specific genre. 

Afterwards, the business owners need to ensure that their branding is done carefully and in a way that ensures traffic. Since this traffic would be of no use if the product quality is compromised, quality was discussed first.

Given the high-risk nature of most new businesses, as well as everything that is at stake with the product going out to such a vast audience. One needs to take all the measures to ensure that their product/business will not fail. 

Usually, business owners do not even expect a return on investment. During the first few months of launch, for they are more focused on making sure that their product is not another one forgotten. Deserted in the streets and never talked about again. 

These apprehensions often lead to desperate measures resulting in bad publicity. That follows their product around like a pet toy poodle.

Extremes like this can be avoided if proper branding is done initially with the help of experts and professionals. Who excel in their field and possess the ability to make a product slowly yet surely grow from the grass root level into a mighty tree.

Your brand story should be simple and easy to understand.

To make the complicated story simple and easy to understand, the bottom line. Here is to make sure you consult and hire someone that can be trusted with not just creating and establishing. But also in helping you maintain a unique brand identity that leads the way for your product like a guiding light.

Since this is defining what your brand is and how it is going to go out and be seen in the market by competitors, by consumers as well as potential investors. The branding has to be on point and at the same time, super engaging.

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