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E-Commerce is Growing Big Time and Pakistanis are Lovin’ it!

One of the new and hot topics lately in the Pakistan business community is e-commerce. You do not have to be a business graduate to understand the meaning or scope of e-commerce.

E-commerce, by definition, is pretty simple. It is just bringing the physical markets online and making them more accessible for the common individual. In practicality, not that simple after all. Well, at least not for the sellers.

Initially, there was just this concept of potential e-commerce. But now, there are a plethora of online stores and marketplaces, selling a myriad of products and services. Including those that were thought to be less likely to possibly occur, like an online plumber or electrician.

Generally people would say something along the lines of ‘in Pakistan? 

Not possible’ or even worse, just laugh in an aspiring young adult’s face, but the recent situation calls for more of a ‘who’s laughing now?’ kind of response.

Impact of E-Commerce in today's generation

With the advent of Facebook and Instagram market places to follow in the footsteps of OLX and Daraz. Every single individual has become their own boss. Young adults have now turned to e-commerce, mostly because they are rather fluent in the language of the internet as compared to the older generations.

Young adults now comprise not only most of the consumers of e-commerce marketplaces and online retail stores. But also make up most of the sellers as well. There are various small businesses and retail shops online being run by 20-somethings and seem to be doing rather well.

Not to discourage legitimate business owners but to beat the algorithm and get ahead of a series of diverse and tenacious competitors. It does not happen to be everyone’s strong suit. You need to bring in an expert. Or at least someone with enough knowledge of e-commerce to make sure your business is not just another dying fish in the pond.

What are the basic demands?

Specifically in Pakistan where there is a great risk associated with just trusting any stranger online without running extensive background checks on them. And also their service before trusting them. As it so happens, the very same reason has been the downfall of many new businesses before they even had the chance to properly insert themselves into this equation of competitive marketing by formally launching their brand.

Therefore, it is of great significance that a trusted agency be hired to handle the e-commerce related platforms of great brands or the ones looking to make it big in the relevant industry.

E-commerce demands a lot of time, attention and effort on part of the individual handling online systems including retail, marketing, branding and sales. To be honest, it is not a one person job. It takes an entire team.

To be fair, it isn’t much different from the traditional businesses in the sense of manpower, effort and labour. 

It’s just that instead of having to display products on market shelves. Most businesses have shifted now to displaying them online. But the commerce angle remains somewhat relevant.

Yes, e-commerce happens to be a different business model in the sense of mobility and convenience for the consumer. Which is a shift that has somehow played a part in an increase in sales for a lot of brands.

The modern consumer is smart and they like to complete their research. Before they risk purchasing a product with no return policy that is likely to turn out faulty. Therefore, the distributors have to be more careful about the quality checks on products before they send them out to the consumers.

As business owners then, it becomes important to ensure the quality of the product more than anything. Once the quality is ensured, the marketing and sales part comes into play.

Status of online stores in Pakistan

E-commerce is gaining popularity in Pakistan at the speed of light and in no time. It will become a vital organ to all business empires. Hence, it pretty much has already become the future of all business in Pakistan.

Most people turn to e-commerce whether it is young individuals or adults or whether it is age-old brands. That have been around for decades because this revolutionary new business model is practically futuristic.

There is so much to be said for the growth and power of electronic commerce that one blog might not be enough. 

E-commerce is a crucial part of marketing and most brands have had more than half of their sales shift online within the last half decade due to the growth and development of e-commerce as well as the consumer demand for online retail services.

It seems that we have reached the times where no one wants to stand in lines outside retail stores and everyone wants to shop from home conveniently at a few taps of their fingers. Whereby they can have their product delivered to them at their doorstep. And so many of them are willing to pay extra for that.

Facts of online services or products

Before some old-timey person can interrupt, let me just say it. The reason for people being willing to pay extra for home delivery of a product or service is not because they are lazy or spoiled but because they have busy lives and managing time can sometimes be hard for certain individuals.

Not everyone can afford to go to retail stores and look at fifty pieces of clothing before they can come to the decision. That they liked almost nothing. People like to shop smarter now and invest their time in what really matters.

However, it is vital to be wary of scammers and people looking to defame your business or services. 

If you are looking to start a new business and need help with setting up an e-commerce platform for your consumers, Spark wave is the place to go. 

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